What is camp3top

Camp3top is a teambuilding- and event firm that takes place outdoors, in nature. Camp3top caters to your wishes and requests.

Camp3top centers around challenging activities, tree climbing, overnight accommodation in the trees, as well as the outdoor meals, which we hope will be enjoyable activities that will offer you an opportunity for personal development.

We tailor solutions where your requests, as well as your mental and physical conditions, decide which activities can be performed, as well as when and where they will take place.

Camp3top offers extraordinary experiences for all, including companies, organizations, and private.

We offer short events, where everything is already rigged and readied beforehand, so the activities can begin immediately. Here, it’s the experiences, the rush, the positive energy, and your enjoyment that’s paramount.

We also offer lengthier teambuilding events, where the process begins with matching of expectations, followed by ongoing, as well as final, evaluations.

These courses centers around personal development, immersion, group dynamics, growth potential, and strategizing, which are hopefully accompanied by fun, comfortable, and exciting experiences that pushes your limits.

Who is Camp3top

CEO – Camp3top


Morten Oskar Pedersen – schoolteacher, Academy Profession Degree of Outdoor Education in Theory and Practice, specializing in tree climbing


Søren Normann Sørensen – Cand Psych auth. specialist

Jesper Kondo – Schoolteacher, chef, *Spearfishing*

Lars Frederik Berndt – Academy Profession Degree of Outdoor Education in Theory and Practice, specializing in kayaking, *nature guide?*




Watch below some of the activities that Camp3top provides

Basic woodland activities:

Giant swing – Rappelling – Tree climbing –  Traverses –  Aerial ropeway

Other basic activities:

*Spearfishing* – Kayaking

Various prepared meals:

Over open fire – In smoking oven – *In soil oven*

Overnight tree accommodations

In plane hammocks – In tree tents – On plateaus

Overnight ground accommodations

In tents – In bivouac at beach areas and in forest areas – In lavvu (saami tepee)

Equipment and clothing

Camp3top has the necessary equipment for your stay and exercises in nature, so that you can have a pleasant experience: Tents, tree tents, tree plateaus, bivouac tarps, hammocks, warm and clean sleeping bags, headlamps, backpacks, bonfire equipment, and more.

All the participants have to do is bring along suitable clothing, including footwear.


Prices depend on both the number of participants and the selected activities. Call or send a message to determine a price.


Contact Camp3top

You can contact me by using this contact form, or directly on my cellphone: + 45 2349 6551