Watch below some of the activities that Camp3top provides

Basic woodland activities:

Giant swing – Rappelling – Tree climbing –  Traverses –  Aerial ropeway

Other basic activities:

*Spearfishing* – Kayaking

Various prepared meals:

Over open fire – In smoking oven – *In soil oven*

Overnight tree accommodations

In plane hammocks – In tree tents – On plateaus

Overnight ground accommodations

In tents – In bivouac at beach areas and in forest areas – In lavvu (saami tepee)

Equipment and clothing

Camp3top has the necessary equipment for your stay and exercises in nature, so that you can have a pleasant experience: Tents, tree tents, tree plateaus, bivouac tarps, hammocks, warm and clean sleeping bags, headlamps, backpacks, bonfire equipment, and more.

All the participants have to do is bring along suitable clothing, including footwear.


Prices depend on both the number of participants and the selected activities. Call or send a message to determine a price.